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The Flood Risk Tracker’s data is collected from satellite imagery, flood mapping, climate change data, catastrophic event impacts and population density.

Coastal Flood

Your property is assessed for the likelihood of being affected by storm surges or tsunami.

River Flood - Return Period

Your property is assessed for the likelihood of being affected by river flood zones.

Important - the results are only current as at the time of search. The underlying data is updated regularly.  Accordingly, results can change.

The information regarding flood risk is from a source we believe to be correct, being a reinsurer.  However, we have not checked its accuracy or completeness.

We are only passing this information onto you, without any change by us.

Coastal or river flooding are two types of flooding. There are other types e.g. from dams or flash floods.

We do not accept a duty of care to you.

Please contact your insurance advisor for any further information or with any questions.

You should read

Various insurers will cover you for flood.  Policies differ between insurers.  Your insurance advisor can provide you with a Product Disclosure Statement, which you should consider in deciding whether flood insurance is appropriate for you.  Deductibles, exclusions and limits apply.

Speak to your insurance advisor today.

Don’t put your assets at risk by having no or inadequate insurance for coastal or river flooding.
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