Types of insurance our brokers offer
While the aviation industry has stringent safety standards, flying carries some serious risks – both on land and in the air. So whether you’re a private pilot or you fly as part of an airline, it’s crucial to protect your business with aviation insurance. Read more
Aviation Insurance
A business takes years to build – but an accident or disaster could destroy it all in minutes. That’s why small businesses should protect themselves with a quality business insurance pack. Read more
Business Insurance
Business interruption insurance can help make sure your business keeps running smoothly after an unexpected event, by covering the turnover that is lost – so you can recover and rebuild. Read more
Business Interruption Insurance
Having the right amount and type of contract works insurance is an essential part of your business toolkit, allowing you to get on with the job without stress and worry. Read more
Contract Works Insurance
With corporate travel insurance, you can relax, knowing that you and your business are covered for financial losses caused by situations like overseas health emergencies, flight cancellations or lost and stolen baggage. Read more
Corporate Travel Insurance
Cyber insurance protects small business owners against online risks, such as computer hacking, ransomware or data theft. Read more
Cyber Insurance
Always protect yourself and your business with a tailored events insurance policy. With the right insurance, you can safeguard yourself if things don’t go to plan – allowing you to run your event with confidence. Read more
Events Insurance
Farm insurance is essential to protect your farm and its produce, and the wellbeing of you, your family and the people that pass through your property. Read more
Farm Insurance
Marine Insurance refers to a range of insurance products which protect your business from loss or damage to vessels and cargo. It can cover the door to door delivery of goods worldwide, by sea, road, rail and air – including their storage on the way. Read more
Marine Insurance
Management liability insurance provides protection against the financial exposures that come with managing a company. It ensures that you can defend, settle or pay compensation claims, without putting your business or personal finances at risk. Read more
Management Liability Insurance
Product liability insurance is designed to protect your business if you’re sued because a product you sell, assemble or supply has caused harm to a person or to their property. Read more
Product Liability Insurance
Professional indemnity insurance protects your assets and brand if your advice or services cause a client to take legal action against you. Read more
Professional Indemnity Insurance
Public liability insurance can help to protect your business from the financial risk of liability claims – giving you the certainty you need to trade with confidence. Read more
Public Liability Insurance
Trade credit insurance is essential to protect your income and business assets against potential customer failure. With the right cover, you can grow your business confidently, knowing you’re protected if things go wrong. Read more
Trade Credit Insurance
Employers are required by law to steps to ensure their workplaces are safe. This includes having workers’ compensation insurance for all their employees. Read more
Workers’ Compensation Insurance
That’s why it makes good sense to help protect your precious home with quality insurance and make sure you have the right type and amount of cover to help keep your home and possessions safe. Read more
Home and Contents Insurance
If you own a rental property, you’re vulnerable to the same risks of any homeowner, such as storms, floods and fire. That’s why it pays to have landlord insurance, which is designed especially to protect owners of investment properties. Read more
Landlord Insurance
Having the safety net of life insurance in place is critical to ensure that if you’re no longer around, those who depend on you can keep going without you. Read more
Life Insurance
Motor insurance includes a range of covers to suit every driver and vehicle type, and can be paid annually or by the month. Read more
Motor Insurance
Strata insurance protects the building’s common areas or facilities, with the premiums paid for by the owners’ corporations. Read more
Strata Insurance