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Steadfast has partnered with TV program, Kochies's Business Builders to bring you a series of video's to help simplify and debunk misconceptions about insurance. 

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David Kochie sits down with Steadfast MD & CEO Robert Kelly, to discuss the importance of business insurance. When your business changes, so can your insurance needs. Learn more.


Understand why the advice and support of an insurance broker is so important for small business owners. Learn more.


When your business changes, so can your insurance needs. Find out how an insurance broker can help you identify and protect your business from new risks, that your business could be exposed to. Learn more.

cyber insurance video

business interruption insurance

In 2015, 30% of businesses in Australia, experienced a cyber attack. Find out how cyber insurance can protect your business. Learn more.


When you're a small business owner, an unexpected setback can cost you time and money. Find out how Steadfast insurance broker Sean was able to get David's furniture business back on track. Learn more.


If you had to start again after an unexpected disruption, could you? Business Interruption Insurance, can cover the revenue you would have earned if the disaster hadn’t happened. Learn more.








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why use an insurance broker video

Knowing what cover you need for your business and navigating the complex world of the insurance is time consuming and overwhelming. That's why insurance brokers are here to help.


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