Marine Insurance

Marine Insurance

What is Marine Insurance?

Mother nature, misadventure or piracy can stop your commercial vessel, cargo or pleasure craft from reaching its destination, or cause expensive damage along the way.

Marine Insurance offers protection for loss or damage to vessels and cargo, and can also cover the entire process of delivering goods door to door worldwide, by sea, road, rail and air, and even storage of goods in between.

Navigating this complex insurance takes skill as it’s affected by domestic and international laws, as well as maritime law.

A Steadfast broker can ensure you get the right Marine Insurance policy for the size, scope and risks of your particular boat or business.

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Who needs Marine Insurance?

Whether your business is shipping or receiving goods, operating watercraft commercially, repairing vessels or running a marina, Marine Insurance is a vital safety net to consider. Steadfast brokers tailor policies for all sorts of businesses on both land and sea – from importers and exporters, mining companies, wholesalers and tourism operators to removalists, primary producers, freight forwarders and marina owners.

What does Marine Insurance cover?

Marine insurance typically covers loss or damage to ships and vessels, and loss, theft or damage to goods in transit. This can include damage or loss caused by fire, theft, sinking, capsizing, grounding or other events that prevent cargo delivery.

Major marine covers available include:

  • Marine Cargo to cover goods transported by sea, air, rail or road from collection point to delivery.
  • Marine Liability to cover marina operators, yacht clubs, ship repairers, port authorities and other marine service providers for third party injury and property damage.
  • Commercial Hull to cover loss or liability for commercial vessel operators such as charter or tourist boats, fishing vessels, tugs or barges.
  • Carriers Liability to cover trucking or logistics providers who are transporting goods within Australia for loss, theft or damage to goods.
  • Pleasure Craft to cover private vessels such as yachts or cruisers for accidental damage, theft, sinking, property damage and even third party injury for water skiers, etc.

Choosing the right cover

Marine claims can cost potentially millions, so ensuring your business is not left high and dry is crucial. You can’t predict a storm or a lost container, but you can protect your operation proactively with Marine Insurance.

As Australia and New Zealand’s largest combined general insurance broker network, Steadfast offers you key advantages:

  • Strong negotiating power to bring you exclusive policies and premium deals.
  • Expert advice to compare and tailor cover for your unique business.
  • Claims handling with our powerful backing to give you a fast resolution.

To give your business strength when you need it most, contact a Steadfast broker today.

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